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Detection of ancient burial places

Russian version

Monastery of St.bushes

           monastery  monastery reconstruction  detection tombs

In this place the device IGA-1 revealed about 60 tombs, 100-150 years prescription which were covered a meter layer of the ground and fragments of a building after explosions of buildings of a monastery.

         find ancient tomb  burial place detection

Then from these tombs it was necessary to find a tomb of the foundress of a female monastery by an attribute, that she has been laid out inside by a stone.
And it too was possible with the help of the device IGA-1.

        monastery restoration   monastery russia

Church of the Sacred Trinity, Red Jar, Bashkortostan

In ancient Russian village Red Jar restore the unique temple, a monument of architecture of a XIX-th century.

ancient church

After clearing of a court yard from garbage our experts with device IGA-1 have been invited to find four tombs about a temple.
As a result of searches tombs of two priests, a merchant who has allocated money for building, and a soldier have been found.

Svjatotroitsky temple in the village Verhnetroitsky, Bashkortostan

At the desire of father Sergiy, who restore the Svjatotroitsky temple in the village Verhnetroitsky, in territory of a temple is made search of tombs of XIX-th centuries
and civil war for their designation and a reinterment of the remains.

temple search of tombs detection tombs device IGA-1

Burial place search in an orthodox temple (the name isn't known), Tatarstan.

The temple is located near village Shamaevo in territory of the thrown village in Tatarstan, from village only church and remained.
Ruslan Muzafarov, graduate Bashkir State University, was engaged in searches.
He has decided to draw attention to this temple of local population that someone undertook its restoration.
He has informed that at church inspection the smell of hallows, as is caught at visiting of holy sites.
Local residents have told that the burial place which in 70th years have plundered was valid under church.

Burial place search  temple restoration

By means of device IGA-1 it surveyed church about geomagnetic anomalies.
In one corner the device has shown a contour, later it has found the person who the boy was in a vault and he has explained that really the cellar was in that corner where has shown the device.
Also the device had been found out a tomb contour.
After garbage clearing excavation has been made and the tomb for the purpose of its arrangement is found.

church anomaly  find tomb contour

All who has visited this church, say that feel there a pacification and good fortune.

The wooden church of Tsar Nicholas II in Russian village
© Photographer: Svetlana Kravchenko | Agency:

Search of the thrown tomb, Tuimazy, Bashkortostan

In 2008 at the desire of the inhabitant of the city Tuimazy, Bezymjannikov Igor, has been made searches of the thrown tomb of his father, Ivan Bezymjannikov, the participant of war.
The tomb was in city park, after park reconstruction in 1991 burial place traces have been lost.

searh grave search tomb IGA-1  
excavation burial place search by device IGA-1

Searches were made by means of device IGA-1.
After excavation the reinterment of remains on a city cemetery has been made.

Search of places of mass executions and burial places of the peace population after the Second World War in Rovnensky area of Ukraine.
In the Ukrainian language

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Device IGA-1 by Juri Kravchenko, Russian inventor

Measurements of dolmens

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