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Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly

Russian version

Passport Device IGA-1 and The operation manual

DEVICE IGA-1M. The passport and the operation manual for investigation of emptiness, water veins, searching pipelines.

Indicator of Geophysical Anomaly IGA-1 is a highest sensitive selective measurer of electromagnetic field.
Its purpose is to measure an electromagnetic component of Earth geomagnetic fields in 5 KHz to 10 KHz frequency diapason (super long waves).
Its sensitivity lies from single of pico-volt by hundreds of pico-volts (10-12 V).

 anomaly detector IGA-1 by Juri Kravchenko         

The differences from standard electromagnetic field selective measurers are instead of resonance LC circuit is used an impulse filter which gives narrow bandwidth as a spectral line of the certain tuned frequency;
instead of amplitude detector is used an phase sensitive detector which measure relative phase shift of oscillations of an impulse filter. Therefore, output calculates as a phase shift integral on the certain confine frequency.

The purpose of IGA-1 is to detect any geophysical anomaly, which is to be as any discontinuities in surface and undersurface level of a different depth.
The usage is for prospecting mines, watercourse, doline and karsts topography, for finding human bodies, metallic and non-metallic objects and different engineering communications
(cables, metallic and non-metallic pipelines, mines and more). It also detects gold but there is no selection from other metals and stones.

detector iga-1   search device iga-1

Proven ability to locate standard military ammunition-trotyl cartridge 75 gr, 200 gr, anti tank mines TM-62m, TM-62PZ, land mines PMN. The clearing deapth is 100 mm.
It allows to find above-mentioned objects under such surface as a ground, a snow, an ice, a concrete, earthquake wreckage, a wooden floor and more.
The device is able to find watercourse and liquid pipeline leakage.
- Detection range of Pipelines and cavities is about 100 ft (30 m),
- Human bodies and bulk objects up to 5 dm is about 10 ft (3 m),
- Antitank and land mines is about 3.3 ft,
- Watercourse is about 170 ft (50 m).

Device weights 4.0 lbs (1.2 kg) without batteries and power supply.

The device was invented in Ufa State Aviation Technical University.
The author of invention and designer of the device was Russian scientist Juri Kravchenko.

All the questions regarding purchase IGA-1 devices, please email:, Victor Pricazchikov, Moscow attorney

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