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Dolmens - sacred stones in Sochi, Russia

Russian version

Dolmens - mysterious constructions of an antiquity, their age it is defined in 4-6 millenia. They meet in various corners of our planet, including Russia, the North Caucasus.
According to the monography of Morkovin "Dolmens of the North Caucasus" 2308 dolmens are known.
More than 300 are in vicinities of a city Sochi, among them there are also unique megalytic constructions.

Sacred stones of Circassians in Sochi

dolmen megalith dolmens russia

The Kudepstinsky sacrificial stone belongs to the category of the unique.
In the people it still name "the Circassian stone", probably, this place was ancient sanctuary.

dolmen sochi stone mirrors

About the similar stone armchairs meeting in other places of a planet, informs G.Uilkins in the fascinating book "Forgotten cities of the South America"
This monument represents a block in which two "sitting" are beaten out. Behind seats similarity of a certain bed is made.
On the left side of "bed" on a block there is a series of signs.

dolmens sochi russia stone mirrors russia

Interest is represented also by stone mirrors with ancient symbols.

ancient symbols dolmens ancient dolmens

Measurements of a dolmen by means of device IGA-1 have been made.

Excavation of dolmens

researches dolmens measurements of a dolmen

sacred stone North Caucasus reserve

excavation of dolmens excursion dolmens russia

Sacred megalith "the Cheese stone"

sacred megalith sacred stone

One more interesting megalit is located in Bythe, in Stone chaos tract, it popularly called "the Cheese stone"

ancient megalith ancient sanctuary

Nearby many the destroyed stone constructions of the various form, probably, here too were the ancient sanctuary.
In ancient times on this land, in this district lived tribes of Circassians and ubykhs. According to the legend they worshipped to stones and trees.
Now their descendants live in Turkey. We invite in Sochi all interested, carrying out of joint researches is possible.

russia sochi landmark sochi national reserve

Researches will be continued...

Measurement of dolmens with search device IGA-1, by Yury Kravchenko

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